Meet The Hands Behind The Ink...



Wit and Fellow Calligraphy + Fine Art is the work of Louisiana native Harley Richeaux - but you can expect to find her elsewhere frequently. Her journey into hand lettering looked far more like an accidental stumble down a rabbit hole she decided to make her home, rather than anything remotely intentional. Nonetheless, while her craft may have begun with doodles during Fashion classes at LSU, she soon found herself elbow-deep in ink and quickly traded in textbooks for paper supplies. True to the ENFP personality, you can typically find her with more ideas, plans and projects on her mind than one planner could hold (who are we kidding, she has never owned a planner), but there are few things she treasures more than creating a product just as unique as the person ordering it. 

Her other interests include: Road trips and plane rides to places far from the South, Fitting as many people around one kitchen table as possible, supporting local artists and makers, hearing people's stories, crafting interior spaces, drinking americanos, looking up words in her pocket French dictionary, learning more about God's heart for His people, and cooking anything that doesn't require strict adherence to a recipe.


She would like to sincerely thank the following individuals, some of them fellow creatives and others faithful friends or family, for their constant support and willingness to donate time, talent, faith and occasional dinnerware to seeing this business come to life: Darian Tarver, Gabe Hilliard, Nick Arnold, Jody Johnston, Courtney Tate, Murray Rodger, Bridget Savoie, Mikaela Hager, Jillian Armstrong, Katie McCollister, Lori Jackson, Angela Richeaux, David Richeaux, Kevin Kidder, and most of all, the woman who taught her to be her, Mandi kidder.