The Why Behind the Words


Welcome to Wit + Fellow, friends and soon to be friends alike! If you're new around here, don't worry, so are we. Feel free to make yourself at home, stay a while and even send a few words our way letting us know who you are, and what makes your heart dance. We'd love to know you, and we already love you.

As you may have noticed, words are kind of our thing around here. We believe in their power to bring beauty to the ordinary both in aesthetic and in simple conversation. Our foundation is built on their intricate charm, but we know it goes far beyond the physical ink on paper we love so dearly. We know they are much more than elegant lines and free flowing curves, and that is what places value on what we do here.

Our goal is to see words used not only to elevate your event, but also to elevate your soul, because you are worth beauty in both written and spoken words.

That being said, we don't take words lightly around here. And thus, you can imagine the thought and consideration that went into choosing the very words that would brand us for who we are, "Wit & Fellow". Sure, they sound great, they even look great, but with us you can count on there being more. So friend, here is why we chose the name we did:

When I began the process of choosing a name for this dream of mine, the brainstorms were endless. I considered everything from my dog's name, to the color of my favorite ink. I was torn between favoring one, long word or two short ones. It needed to be unique, it needed to be me, and it needed to invite others in. How the heck would I go about covering all of those bases? I wasn't sure, and my iPhone notes were overflowing with too many ideas to narrow down.

So, I sat. And in a moment of forced stillness, I asked myself, "All other things aside, what do I want this business to bring to people? What are the things that make me want to pour my heart into this?" And the answer came, quick and simple: creativity and relationship. It is the basis for so much of who I am, and who God has called me to be. It is the part of myself I most want to pour into this business, it is what I want you to walk away having truly purchased.

And so, out of this revelation came "Wit". Wit, is the part of me that feeds into creativity. It is the quick, innate piece of myself that pushes me to invent, to make beauty out of the ordinary. It is seeing your materials not for what they are, but for what they will soon become. Wit is the idea, the process, the thoughts before they are works of art. 

And then, even more naturally, came "Fellow". Chosen as an ode to a word that has changed and shaped much of my life, it represents "Fellowship". It is the people who have encouraged me, held me, pushed me, and called me into who I am. It is the reason I was able to see this dream come to life, and it is what I hope to build with each new client, throughout each new project.

Creativity and relationship, "Wit and Fellow", are not only who we are, they are what we hope that you will encounter through us.

-Harley Richeaux


Images captured by the lovely, Darian Kayce Photography