Come spend some time learning the ins-and-outs of Modern Calligraphy with us for an afternoon of pointed-pen and ink fun, some laughs, and a whole lot of cheese! 

WHEN: MARCH 4TH, 2017. 10 a.m -12:30 p.m. at The Parlor, in Baton Rouge!

My journey into calligraphy came without any mentor or teacher, which means I made a lot of mistakes, both in tools I purchased and everything else along the way, before getting it right. My goal is to take the many things I wished I would have done differently, known from the start, or had someone tell me along the way and pass them along to you for a quicker, more refined beginning to the art I'm sure you'll all grow to love just as much as I have! 

Our beginner’s workshop in modern pointed-pen calligraphy will provide you with my personal favorite, high-quality tools for the art, but more importantly teach you how to use them, cover basics in practice strokes and technique, as well as cover a full alphabet and how to form natural, flowing words. If you are just starting out, seeking to improve your beginner’s hand or just looking to learn something new and bring a little more creativity into your life, this workshop is for you! 

What’s included in every workshop:
– 2.5 hours of instruction with Wit & Fellow founder, Harley Richeaux. 
– 1 oblique pen holder
- 2 oblique pen nibs
- 1 jar of specialty black calligraphy ink
- 1  8.5 x 11 inch sketchpad with lined, calligraphy quality paper
- 1 Wooden Ink holder, fit with 4 fill-able ink jars and lids
– 1 custom-made instructional book with detailed, down-to-earth instruction on how to use your new tools (which we will cover in class)
– 1 alphabet tracing set on calligraphy quality paper with all 26 letters {upper & lower case} plus numbers!
- A specail, "Where-do-I-Go-From-Here" packet to help you continue your journey and equip you as you move from begginer to intermediate, as well as a list of all my favorite profesional calligraphy products I keep on hand!
– Snacks, Drinks, a lot of cheese and your very own set of new calligraphy loving and learning sisters! (or brothers (; )

I can't wait to spend time with you! 


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